A witch (pl. witches) is a type of magician who is born with magical capabilities.


Like other magicians, witches often have almost no physical characteristics to distinguish themselves from an ordinary human - in other words, they have the perfect camouflage. They do, however, typically have an extended lifespan - a result of the magic in their bloodstream. Witches are the longest lived of all magicians, in fact, and often live for multiple centuries (about three times as long as humans, on average). Like all humans, witches can have allergies or grow ill, however they are much more resilient to illness than a non-magical human. For the most part, the magic in their system attacks the illness with remarkable efficiency, but curses and magical illnesses can prove fatal.

Witches often have some sort of characteristic that betrays their magical nature. With many, this is expressed as a particularly vivid or unusual eye color (even mismatched), though sometimes it is expressed instead as some sort of birthmark.

Magical Characteristics

Although all witches are at least mildly capable of working spells, brewing potions, and crafting talismans, these talents vary in level from individual to individual, and they all have different specialties. One thing they usually have in common, however, is a familiar - an animal (often a cat or bird) that, through consistent exposure to magic, gains a long lifespan and above-average intelligence, and thenceforth is able to assist in spell-casting. Witches can converse freely with their familiar, though their familiar's speech will not be understood by anyone else who wouldn't normally understand the animal, including other witches. Killing or injuring the familiar will harm the witch as well. Familiars are often attained around puberty, when most witches come into their powers.

All witches are capable of casting spells, simply by engaging their magical will and directing it with words and/or gestures. The range and scope of these spells is entirely dependent on the knowledge and raw ability of the caster - specialties include protection, healing, transformation, hexes, binding… etc. Some witches also have a particular affinity for the elements. Lighting fires without matches, convincing plants to grow, having a breeze tease through the stillness - all of these are fairly simple tasks for an accomplished witch. Many witches can also grab a broom (or vacuum cleaner) and take to the skies. Especially powerful witches can curse people and/or their families. Curses are serious business though - witches who are capable of this don't toss it around left and right, they use it as a last resort.

Anyone can mix ingredients together and make a potion or tincture, but witches can infuse it with that extra special something. A witch who specializes in potions can mix blends that will do everything from taking away your headache to turning you into a newt. Some witches can also infuse small objects or talismans with their spells, but making a true charm takes both practice and ability.

A few witches have some sort of foresight capability, though this is rare. In some witches this manifests itself only as gut instinct, a general bad feeling when something awful is about to happen. Other witches can study a tarot layout or the lines in your palm and tell you how many nose hairs your second-born child will have at age 47. It's a sliding scale, and just depends on the witch.

Society and Habitat

Witches are the most group-oriented of all magicians. Their magic flourishes in families, and they tend to live near to other witch families. Unlike many other magicians, witches are not usually solo practitioners. They form covens, usually based on geographic location. Coven members are like extended family members in some ways, and children are raised practicing incantations, mixing potions, and learning about how magic works.