A vila (pl. vila or vilas) is an immortal being somewhere between a fae and a spirit. They are always female, and are known for being both both graceful dancers and fierce warriors.


In their natural form, vila are beautiful women with long flowing hair, fond of light white cloth in their dress (when they wear clothes at all). They are adept shapeshifters, and at a young age learn to take the shape of a swan, a falcon, a snake, a horse, or a wolf. When a vila is in an animal shape, plucking a feather, hair, or strand of fur will force her back into human form.

Although vila appear as merely seductive beings, they are quite strong. They are no stronger than the strongest human, but they are much stronger than average, and so can overpower many in battle. Also, they possess extreme grace.

Vila are immortal, and will not age past their prime, or sicken from any natural cause. They are born fully grown during storms, usually out of a lightning strike.

Magical Characteristics

A vila's voice is beautiful, and mortals who hear a vila singing forget things like drinking, eating, and sleeping for a length of time, sometimes as long as several days. The mere sight of a vila can so captivate a mortal that they will waste away pining for them - but usually vila reserve this fate for mortals who have displeased them, perhaps by corrupting their home.

All vila are intimately attuned to storms and weather patterns. In groups, they can conjure and control storms - on their own this power is limited, but if a storm arises naturally they can influence it. Vila also have the gift of prophecy - they may not always know exactly what is coming, but they can read omens, and they always know when something big is going to happen.

Feathers from a Vila's swan shape grant the possessor control over her, but if she ever gets them back she will disappear immediately, vanishing to some far away wilderness.

Society and Habitat

Vila dwell in the wildernesses of Earth. They originate from the Slavic regions, but love any untouched mountain region where they can live near to or above the clouds.

In general vila keep to the wilderness and don't much care about anyone else. They live in groups similar in structure to a war band, usually tied together by common blood relation or common cause. Anyone who attempts to despoil their natural habitat does so on pain of death - they protect their environment most vehemently.