An undine (pl. undines) is a type of spirit affiliated with and composed of the element of water. All undines have beautiful singing voices.


Undines are incorporeal, but they can condense into a physical form that is made of water. When so condensed, they are visible, unless they are within a body of water at the time. They can also take a human form, though this is difficult for them to maintain for long periods of time, as their nature is changing, not static. In human form, undines usually have blue or occasionally green eyes, and pale skin.

Because undines are held together essentially by their own will, they are particularly vulnerable to magical dispersion - though as a rule this is only temporary, and forces them to gather the pieces of themselves together in the spirit world. They can also be dehydrated to death - effectively, evaporated - but this is only effective in the material world. They can be destroyed, but whatever is used to destroy them must be able to bridge the corporeal and incorporeal realms.

Aside from this possibility, undines are immortal and unchanging - they are simply born one day, usually when a freshwater source is formed. They do not age and will not sicken, though toxins dissolved in them can cause them discomfort until they purify themselves.

Undines sometimes take human lovers. If a female undine marries a man and bears him a child, she will become mortal, and live out her days as a human (though one fond of swimming and with a lovely voice).

Magical Characteristics

Like all spirits, undines exist most solidly in the spirit world. However, most of them can pass easily between the spirit world and the material world. Because their physical form consists of water, they can draw any surrounding water into themselves, and manipulate it as part of their body. Undines can also curse those who offend them, rendering them incapable of breathing whilst asleep. Being in water heals them - putting them in a dry environment therefore prevents this.

Society and Habitat

Undines are just as likely to be found alone as in a sort of… school or pod. They are born in freshwater, but occasionally migrate to saltwater, particularly if their original home dries up or is destroyed. Although undines in a group might acknowledge the authority of one or another of them (probably the oldest/biggest of them), they have no rigid social structure.