Transformation is a type of magic which allows the caster to change the shape of either themselves or someone else. Transformation is grey magic, generally more acceptable if used one one's self than if used on another.

Specific Details

The caster is changing only the shape of their target, not the soul. A mirror will usually show a reflection of the soul's natural shape, not the transformed body. As magic goes, transformation is not complicated, but it does require a great deal of power and concentration, accompanied by some sort of gesture and/or phrase of power. Casters who transform themselves often find it difficult to change themselves back if they spend too long in another shape (also, certain shapes have difficulties gesturing and speaking, which can cause difficulties).

Generally speaking, a magically-induced transformation is uncomfortable, but not outright painful. Anyone with natural shapeshifting abilities of their own can use them to change back to their normal shape, though sometimes it takes them a few tries because they aren't familiar with this particular form.

Used By


Some shamans train to master transformation, and learn to take the shape of their spirit guide or a similar animal.


Sorcerers are equally as likely to transform themselves into some sort of powerful or fantastical creature as they are to trap their enemies in the shape of some sort of small or weak creature.


Witches are notorious for turning folks into frogs or newts (though they often get better). Typically they prefer to take the shape of birds or cats if they transform themselves.