Teleportation is a type of magic which allows the caster to travel instantly from one location to another. This is white magic.

Specific Details

The physics of teleportation are remarkably simple - the caster simply envisions their destination clearly in their mind, vanishes, and reappears there. In practice, however, it takes power and skill to master. In addition, it is always possible to put up wards around a place that keeps anyone from teleporting in. Although it is possible for the caster to teleport somewhere that they haven't been, doing so is dangerous, because they can't picture where they're going accurately.

Used By


All angels can teleport anywhere. Even fallen angels can teleport, though they are barred from Heaven. Nephilim can also develop the ability to teleport, if they grow strong enough, though it is not as clean and immediate as a full angel (they dissolve into a faint mist).


Once out of Hell, demons and hellhounds can teleport from place to place (usually using crossroads) even between worlds - they cannot, however, use this method to get out of Hell, only to get to and from the corporeal side of the gates. Of course, they are barred from Heaven.


This trick is especially popular with sorcerers, but powerful witches have been known to pick it up as well.