Talismans are spells bound into the shape of an object.

Specific Details

Any spell that can be targeted to affect a single person or place can be attached to a talisman, with the right knowledge. It takes more skill to bind the spell to a talisman than just to work the spell, but the skill can be learned. Talismans are meant for long-term effects, unlike potions which are pretty much a one-time use. A talisman could be a lucky charm (have a spell of luck), a protective amulet, or even a healing token. Talisman are typically generic, and can be carried/worn/used by anyone, though some are created to be used by a specific person.

Used By


Any magician is capable of putting their spells into a talisman, IF they have the necessary knowledge.


Sorcerers rarely rely on anything other than their own skills, but occasionally they like to make magical accessories, which may or may not survive the end of their bargain.


Not all witches are good with talismans, but most know enough to at least give it a shot.