Summoning is a type of magic which can summon incorporeal beings (or at least beings that are capable of taking an incorporeal form) to the caster's location.

Specific Details

Like exorcisms, summoning can be performed using a ritual rather than raw magical talent, but doing so is incredibly difficult unless the being who is being summoned wishes to appear. Also, summoning is often a dangerous process, because the magic is very picky. A summoning circle must be used - and any flaw in the circle's construction will be a weak point in the magic which holds the summoned being there. Depending on the being who is summoned, escape can mean anything from them simply vanishing before the summoner is finished with them to them ripping the summoner apart slowly and feasting upon them. Finally, a summoner must use the true name of whatever they are trying to summon, or else they cannot force them to appear (however, either the summoned being or a being who happens to notice the ceremony can answer the call if they choose).

Demons and spirits are the most common targets for summoning, because they have access to information (or, in the case of demons, because they can make Faustian bargains). Technically speaking, it is possible to summon an angel, but they are incredibly difficult to force into appearing if they don't wish to show up, and the summoner runs the risk of seeing their true form and thereby losing their eyes.

Used By


This is often the first bit of magic that a sorcerer performs, summoning a demon to trade their soul for more power. Even after the initial bargain, however, sorcerers frequently call upon various spirits and demons to gain either more power or information.


Sometimes necromancers will summon ghosts to do their bidding.