A sprite (pl. sprites) is a type of fae. Always diminutive, and usually winged, these beings are what typically spring to mind when the word 'fairy' is mentioned.


The average sprite is about the size of a Barbie doll, but they range in size from small enough to curl up in an acorn to the occasional giant among them being the size of a small child! Sprites have pointed ears, but otherwise resemble miniature humans in shape. Many of them have insect-like wings (butterfly and dragonfly being the most common), though naturally wingless sprites do exist. Winged sprites are fully capable of flight. In terms of hair, eye, and skin color, literally all shades of the rainbow come into play.

Like all fae, sprites are deathly allergic to iron. Iron reacts strongly with the magic that is an integral part of their anatomy, and causes a violent allergic reaction in the form of a burn. This starts out resembling a rapid and intense sunburn, but prolonged contact with iron can cause any fae's flesh to blacken and die. Sprites are also among those fae who need contact with nature to survive. They can travel in the city, but not live there for any extended period of time - being surrounded by so much metal and pollution drains their life force, and caused them to fade (even to die).

Other than that, sprites are as immortal as any true fae - they will not die of natural causes. They reach physical maturity after a period of ten to thirteen years, though (in the manner of many fae) whether or not they ever truly achieve emotional maturity is debatable. Upon reaching physical maturity, sprites essentially stop aging for at least a century, then proceed slowly through middle and then old age. Unlike pixies, with whom they have a long-standing and bitter rivalry, sprites typically only have a handful of children (say between one and five).

Sprites are universally vegetarian. They have a typical fae fondness for sweets, as well as milk. Even among other fae, they are well-known for their love of music and dancing.

Magical Characteristics

All fae are capable of glamour - an elaborate illusion that will fool all five senses (at least for a mortal) - and sprites are no exception. Their illusions are limited to their own person, however - though they can make themselves appear like a bird or insect to human eyes, they cannot create a full-blown illusory house. By the same token, sprites are capable of seeing through most glamour. Their own glamour can be defeated in the usual ways: even if they can fool another fae's eyes, it is nearly impossible for them to fool another fae's sense of touch. Even mortals can see through glamour, if they have a special ointment rubbed on their eyelids, have pure iron touching their skin, or turn their clothes inside out.

Most sprites can - after reaching physical majority - grow to the size of a short or average-sized human. Even so, they must use glamour to hide their wings and ears, and perhaps change their coloring. Like all fae, sprites are incredibly attuned with nature - they can move through the woods without cracking a single twig or disturbing a single leaf. Also, sprites in particular have a great affinity for aerial creatures and occurrences. Some train beetles or birds as pets, even mounts.

No fae can tell an outright lie. They can bend the truth, and they can talk in circles around the truth, but if they actually SAY the sky is red, it had better be red, or they're considered an oathbreaker and their magic (if not their life) is forfeit. On that note, all fae can sense magic in their vicinity, usually by feeling or seeing it.

Society and Habitat

Sprites are trooping fairies, found in both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, though admittedly more things at the Unseelie court view them as edible. They organize themselves in nuclear family groups, usually, with children leaving their parents' homes when they marry. Outside of the Courts, sprite families tend to live in Otherworld villages. They especially like to settle in groves of trees (especially thorn), living in converted birds' nests or knotholes. Sprites all prefer to live high above ground level, though they can often be found dancing in rings from dusk 'til dawn.

Pixies and sprites have a long-standing and bitter rivalry. Sprites will tell you this is because pixies are jealous that sprites can get bigger, and then probably engage in an extended (and colorful) commentary about pixies being promiscuous druggies who ought to be squished, the lot of them! Wingless sprites are viewed as little better than pixies, and thus social outcasts. Often these exiles find roles serving other fae, especially in the Courts.