Spirits are predominantly incorporeal beings who populate the incorporeal realm - in particular, the spirit world. Many of them cross over to the corporeal realm - most especially Earth - on a regular basis.


All spirits are primarily incorporeal. They can certainly appear solid, and many spirits are capable of adopting a physical form, but they are not completely tied to the physical realm. Some spirits have more than one form - even if they do not, they can appear invisible in the material world, while still influencing it.

Although all spirits have their own individual weaknesses, as incorporeal beings they are especially susceptible to banishment and dispersal. Other than destruction, however, they are immortal, and unique in the fact that many of them simply come into existence one day and don't actually age.

Magical Characteristics

Perhaps the most powerful ability of all spirits is their capability to astral project | astral travel. Because they are not tied to the physical realm, they exist most solidly in the spirit world - meaning they can easily pass in and out of any material world, and in some cases even enter the world of dreams.

Spirits can often possess bodies, though this depends on what type of spirit is involved, and usually requires that the body be empty (either recently deceased, or vacant while the true owner astral projects).

Even when a spirit's true form is not visible to the naked eye, it will appear in a mirror. If they are possessing someone, this image will appear as an overlay of the body's reflection. If they are invisible, this image will appear faintly. If they are in some other form, only their true form will be reflected.

Society and Habitat

Spirits are often solitary creatures, wandering the spirit world with some vague sense of purpose. The more time they spend in the material world, the more likely they are to have connections - whether to a particular place or to other beings. Whether or not they have any sort of social role depends on the type of spirit, and each individual's mentality.

If they spend enough time in the material world, many spirits develop a strong connection to a certain place, object, or family. In a sense, it becomes easier for them to exist in the vicinity of whatever they form a connection to. Spirits in the spirit world often have no set home, though they tend to gravitate to places of power.

Individual Species