A sorcerer (pl. sorcerers, for females sorceress, pl. sorceresses) is a type of magician who essentially bought their powers, often by making a deal with a demon.


Like other magicians, sorcerers often have almost no physical characteristics to distinguish themselves from an ordinary human - in other words, they have the perfect camouflage. They do, however, have an extended lifespan - and they also don't age… at least until their bargain runs out. Like all humans, sorcerers can have allergies or grow ill, however they are much more resilient to illness than a non-magical human. For the most part, the magic in their system attacks the illness with remarkable efficiency, but curses and magical illnesses can prove fatal.

Sorcerers look as they did when they were an ordinary human, but they might bear some sort of mark which symbolizes their bargain - for instance, a demonic sigil somewhere resembling a tattoo or brand.

Magical Characteristics

Depending on the extent of their bargains, sorcerers can do basically anything they can dream up, within certain parameters. Compulsion, transformation, and elemental manipulation are all popular choices, as are flight and teleportation. Reanimation and resurrection are also frequent choices, but sorcerers who deal specifically with the magic of raising the dead are termed necromancers. The key for sorcerers is that they must rely only on their powers and their rituals. They don't work with potions, they rarely deal with curses, and they only occasionally use talismans.

Because sorcerers get their magic through some sort of deal or ritual, they can acquire them at any time in life. If they make a deal with a demon, their power often requires blood sacrifice, and/or the payment of their soul after a certain period of time. Sometimes other beings will grant magical powers for lesser tributes, but these are the exceptions, not the rule.

Society and Habitat

Sorcerers are typically on the fringes of society, and thus seek to compensate in the lack of attention they receive with magical power. Many (if not most) sorcerers have questionable moral codes (after all, they're dealing with demons). Because they are ordinary humans who choose to learn magic, sorcerers either have to teach themselves or convince whoever gave them the magic to teach them. Sometimes, they can apprentice to another sorcerer, but this really depends on the type of magic they deal with, and the details of their deal.