A satyr (pl. satyrs) is an immortal being somewhere between a fae and a spirit. They are always male, and are followers of the Greek god Dionysus.


For the most part, satyrs resemble very physically fit male humans. They are always dark-haired, and generally have thick facial hair. Typically satyrs have rather flat noses, and they always have pointed ears. When in the wilds, they typically wear little to no clothing other than wreaths of vines or ivy. In addition to being considerably well-endowed, satyrs have a long tail, like that of a horse. Typically they hide this if they go into human society.

Although satyrs are immortal, they do age… slowly. They reach physical maturity within two or three centuries, and after that gradually pick up more and more ruggedness. They can be harmed - even killed - in many of the same ways that humans can.

Satyrs are always… ah, 'raunchy' - however this effect is compounded in the spring. Put satyrs and nymphs in the same area in the springtime… and you'll have a very enthusiastic celebration of fertility going on.

Magical Characteristics

As beings tied to nature, satyrs can communicate with plants and animals. They don't control the elements, but usually they and the elements get along, meaning they can generally encourage some sort of cooperation. In addition, satyrs can move through the woods without cracking a single twig or disturbing a single leaf, due to their kinship with nature.

All satyrs are gifted pipe and flute players. They are known in particular for their skill with pan pipes - the music from their pipes can entrance all within earshot, affecting them much like a drug. Those under the influence of satyr music are relaxed and happy, and often begin to dance to the music.

Society and Habitat

Satyrs live in the wilds of Earth, though some have been forced to hide in human civilization as their natural habitat disappears. Typically they gather in herds, roaming the wilds and caring only about good music, good booze, and good women. Aside from that, it's difficult to motivate them.