Round Table

The Order of the Round Table (or as it is often abbreviated in modern times, Round Table), according to legend, has protected mankind from otherworldly influences since the time of the Arthur (though of course the name can only date back to the mid twelfth century).


What used to literally be a traveling band of knights has since expanded into a worldwide network based out of London. The Order's official policy is to protect humans from malicious non-humans, but there are many in the Order who believe that anything not human needs to be killed. As can be expected, this does not go over well with the local non-human population. The Order now has an administrative branch, containing researchers and press specialists, among others, who help keep the Order both well-informed and hidden from the rest of human society. In addition, there is a small diplomatic branch, sometimes looked down on by field agents, who interact with officially recognized groups of non-humans such as the fae courts in an effort to prevent all out war. Only those who actually go into the field and combat non-humans are called Knights.

Ranks and Terminology

  • Pendragon - the title (and codename) given to the head of the organization, often a knight who showed exceptional leadership abilities.
  • Knight - a field agent, one who is well-trained in 'monster-slaying' and all that the process entails.

Famous Knights

  • Abraham Van Helsing