Potions are spells in liquid form.

Specific Details

Any spell that can be targeted to affect a single person can be made into a potion, but just because you can work the spell doesn't mean you can brew the potion. Potions are all about symbolic ingredients, which are blended together in the proper ratios and then imbued with the magical energy that would normally form the spell. In this manner they can be stored, and be made without being targeted to a specific individual. Some potions need to be invoked or finalized with the addition of a personalized ingredient - for example, a drop of blood or a strand of hair.

Used By


Any magician, born or not, has the magical capability of imbuing a potion, but it takes a special knack to work with potions, and most non-witches don't have it.


Witches are the potion experts, hands down. Not all witches are great at brewing potions, but every true potions master is a witch. Anyone can mix ingredients together and make a tincture, but witches can infuse it with that extra special something. A witch who specializes in potions can mix blends that will do everything from taking away your headache to turning you into a newt.