A pack (pl. packs) is a group of therianthropes of the same species.


Although there is considerable variance between packs depending on what particular species they are made up of, all are organized much like a clan. They are specific to a certain town or region, and are fiercely territorial of that region when it comes to other therianthropes of the same type. Each pack is headed by either one powerful individual or a mated pair. Some groups are more democratic than others, but in general the leader's word is law. The hierarchy beneath the leader is based on personal strength and ability. Transitions in power are generally decided through physical combat - often to the death. If a pack member violates pack custom or endangers the pack, they might be exiled, if not killed.

Ranks and Terminology

  • Alpha - the leader of the pack (not universally used, but very common).
  • Beta - a powerful member of the pack, who act's as the alpha's second (not universally used, but very common).
  • Omega - a member of the pack forced to live outside of the pack's protection, but permitted to remain within their territory. This is a position of exile (not universally used, but very common).

Known Packs

Budapest Wolf Pack

An old and powerful pack of wolf therianthropes, known to have dealings with the local vampires.

London Wolf Pack

A highly secretive pack of wolf therianthropes, sometimes rumored to have been entirely wiped out.

New Orleans Strays

A loose pack of mostly dog therianthropes, many of whom dabble in petty crime.

New Orleans Wolf Pack

A small pack of wolf therianthropes, who look down on the Strays and mostly keep to themselves.

Roman Lion Pride

A large and particularly aggressive pack of lion therianthropes, known to control a series of underground gladiatorial games.