The Otherworld is most commonly known as the Fairy World, though it has many names - Tír na nÓg, Annwn, the Isles of the Blessed. It is a part of the corporeal realm, and is generally considered the source of all magic.

Customs and Physics

The main culture of the Otherworld is that of the fae. Their courts are the main institutions of the land, but a considerable percentage of the world is simply wilderness.

Any non-native who visits the Otherworld and eats Otherworld food without first getting a guarantee of their safety is at the mercy of their host - they cannot leave the Otherworld unless the host permits it. A polite host offers guest privileges before serving food - if a visitor is officially declared a guest, they may eat whatever their host provides without ramification. Also, a guest is under the protection of their host - any offenses they commit must be taken up with their host for satisfaction.

Time in the Otherworld does not always move in a regular fashion - a few days can pass there while years pass on Earth.

Getting To And From

There are many gates and portals by which to get to the Otherworld.


There are more gates between Earth and the Otherworld than you can shake a stick at. Fairy rings are the most common, but some waterways also cross over.


There are no direct gates between Heaven and the Otherworld - it is first necessary to travel through Purgatory.


There are no direct gates between Hell and the Otherworld - it is first necessary to travel through Purgatory.


The Spirit World completely overlays the Otherworld, as if it is a second layer. Astral projection is the only method of crossing from the Otherworld to Purgatory.

Native Species