A nephal (pl. nephilim) is the offspring of a fallen angel and a human.


All nephilim are tall, with a powerful charisma, but are otherwise indistinguishable from a human. They are often fast and strong, but not beyond the limits of human ability - just at them. Some nephilim might show this strength in intelligence or leadership ability instead. Whatever their strengths, nephilim are very aware of their surroundings, and are generally excellent at reading people.

Although they are mortal, nephilim will not sicken, and tend to live longer lives than normal humans. Aside from this, though, they are essentially humans, with all the weaknesses that entails.

Magical Characteristics

If they grow strong enough, they are capable of teleporting, though it is not as clean and immediate as a full angel (they dissolve into a faint mist).

Like all heavenkin, nephilim can sense the presence of evil or unholiness.

Society and Habitat

Nephilim are sometimes raised by one parent, sometimes by both. Because they and their fallen parent live longer than humans, they are likely to outlive their human parent. Their motivations and allegiance, however, can be all over the map. Many turn out to be important heroes, athletes, or leaders.

Due to their mixed parentage, nephilim are often fascinating to other preternaturals. This can lead to unwanted attention, of either a positive or negative side.