Magicians are essentially humans, but with the capacity to do magic. Almost all magicians are from Earth.


Magicians often have almost no physical characteristics to distinguish themselves from an ordinary human - in other words, they have the perfect camouflage. They do, however, typically have an extended lifespan - usually a result of the magic in their bloodstream, though sometimes this is due to some sort of bargain. Like all humans, magicians can have allergies or grow ill, however they are much more resilient to illness than a non-magical human. For the most part, the magic in their system attacks the illness with remarkable efficiency, but curses and magical illnesses can prove fatal.

Those magicians who are born to their power often have some sort of characteristic that betrays their magical nature. With many, this is expressed as a particularly vivid or unusual eye color (even mismatched), though sometimes it is expressed instead as some sort of birthmark.

Magicians who made a deal for their power do not age… at least until their bargain runs out.

Magical Characteristics

All magicians have different areas of expertise, depending on how much training they've undergone and what type of magic they are most familiar with. Regardless of their expertise, though, it's safe to assume that any magician is prepared to throw a spell of some sort your way. Many are also capable of brewing potions or crafting talismans - some can even work curses. A strong affinity for the elements is common, but the individual magical methods vary from practitioner to practitioner: gestures, rituals, words, physical components… it all varies.

Born magicians come into their powers at about the same time they hit puberty. Those who make deals acquire their powers when their bargain is struck.

Society and Habitat

Magicians tend to keep to themselves, or their own kind. Witches and warlocks, in particular, form covens in their towns or cities. Because most magicians inherit their powers, they have highly developed systems for both discovering untutored children and training them in their particular style.

Individual Species