Magic Circle

A magic circle is a symbol used to contain magic or magical entities, or alternatively to keep such things out.

Specific Details

Although in essence the circle is made up of the magical energy of whoever cast it, tying it to a physical representation stabilizes it. Consequently circles work best with some sort of physical component - either a circle of sprinkled salt, a chalk circle, or even a metal circle set in the floor. They can be broken if the caster crosses them, or if the physical component of the circle is broken (i.e. rubbing out part of the chalk or scattering some of the salt). This can usually only be accomplished by the caster, or someone on the same side of the circle as the caster. The magic circle actually extends in a full sphere around the caster. The less natural breaks in it (for example, a water pipe under the ground where it is set) the better.

The most common use for magic circles is to contain magic while a caster works a powerful spell that could go amiss. If the spell backfires, it won't spread beyond the circle. Another common use is in summoning. Summoners will usually summon beings within one or more circles, effectively like calling them into a cage.

Used By


Demons are the most commonly summoned creatures, and are very familiar with magic circles - as well as finding flaws or holes in them to exploit.


All magicians who receive any sort of tutelage at all are taught to make a circle. It is fairly simple training to receive, and so may be learned later in life also.