Lux Dei

Adversus incendia excubias nocturnas vigilesque commentus est
Against the dangers of fires, he conceived of the idea of night guards and watchmen

Lux Dei is an organization closely associated with the Vatican. Most members have at least some training in the priesthood, and all are highly trained exorcists.


Lux Dei operates essentially as a brotherhood (women have been known to participate on occasion, but very rarely). The most experienced of their number acts as First Brother, and all other active brothers are considered equals. Any brother may, with the approval of the First Brother, take on a novice to train in the ways of the Brotherhood. If a brother lives to an age where they can no longer actively participate, they may retire and become an Emeritus. All full brothers wear a blessed ring with the symbol of an open hand holding a flame - the symbol of Uriel, their patron angel. Novices wear a blessed armband of white cloth. All brothers are trained to combat demons.

Ranks and Terminology

  • Frater Primus - the title given to the reigning leader of the Brotherhood, the most experienced Brother of the group.
  • Frater Emeritus - the title given to a retired Brother.
  • Frater - the title of an active Brother.
  • Tiro - the title of a novice.

Famous Brothers

  • Saint Anthony (founder of the brotherhood)