A jorogumo is a Japanese spider spirit which feeds upon men. They are all female.


A jorogumo is a corporeal spirit whose natural shape is that of an especially large spider. In addition, every jorogumo can take the shape of a beautiful Japanese woman. In either form, a jorogumo may be killed in any of the usual physical ways a human or spider might be killed, but they are immune to poisons. The diet of a jorogumo consists of humans - and they eat in the manner of most spiders, by injecting a paralyzing poison into their prey that also begins digesting them.

As spiders, jorogumo have exceptionally strong silk. They often attach a thread of this silk to their unsuspecting prey, then use it to drag them into the water to be devoured. This trick can be foiled if the silk is discovered and attached to a log instead.

Jorogumo occasionally seek men out for more than just food - they adopt the role of 'black widow' quite easily, and will use a man to bear a handful of eggs. Their female offspring survive to become new jorogumo - male offspring are generally eaten by their sisters.

Magical Characteristics

Jorogumo can pass easily between the spirit world and the material world, and often have their lair in the spirit world, then lie in wait in the material world. In addition, they can enter the world of dreams. - while they are residing in the beams of a house, they can enter the dreams of the residents, and when doing so often try to lure the dreaming man of the house into marrying them. A jorogumo can trap a man in his dreams so that he never wakes, if this ploy is successful.

One of the methods jorogumo use to lure in their prey is music - they are skilled players of most instruments with strings, and lull men into a relaxed state with this music before trapping them in spider silk.

Even in human form, a jorogumo's reflection will be that of a giant spider.

Society and Habitat

In general, jorogumo are solitary creatures, and they are highly territorial - you will not find more than one in a particular area, though they do not have wide-ranging territories so it is possible to find more than one in a city. The exception to this solitary existence is if a jorogumo gives birth. She will share her territory with her children, at least until they are grown.

Jorogumo love to live by waterfalls, but will also move into the rafters of houses.