An incubus or succubus (pl. incubi or succubi) is a demon who seduces and preys upon sleeping men and/or women. Generally these encounters are not fatal, although it does weaken their prey. In a female shape they are called succubi, while in a male shape they are called incubi. Like all demons, they were once human, and either sold their soul or performed enough evil in life to be sentenced to Hell. Those souls whose chief sin in life was lust will eventually be warped into incubi or succubi.


Incubi and succubi are essentially the same species, and may switch genders at will (though they usually have one that they prefer). Regardless of gender, these demons have attractive humanoid forms (which are notably well-endowed), with large bat-like wings, small goat-like horns, and long pointed devil's tails. Their eyes are a glowing red, somewhat like embers, with no variation between pupil, iris, and sclera. Incubi and succubi can hide these features and take a fully human form, but doing so severely limits their ability to feed. Unusually for demons, their body temperature is ice cold. Like all demons, they can render themselves invisible. Also, they are physically capable of overpowering any human, in either their own or a possessed vessel.

To put it simply, iron burns. Any sort of anti-hellspawn weapon will likely be made of iron (and blessed for good measure). Iron will even burn a demon who is possessing a human - but touching iron to the human while they are possessed burns them too. These burns heal eventually, though - as they are specific to the demonic presence, they can heal even when the rest of the body can't.

Holy water burns a demon like acid, though they heal these burns quickly, and it usually just pisses them off. Most demons won't cross through running holy water if they can help it though. As with iron, holy water also burns a possessed vessel, but the vessel will heal quickly - and holy water burns vanish if the demon is exorcised. Demon hunters often spike their drinks with this, as an easy way to tell if one of their guests is possessed. Humans don't notice it any more than regular water.

When an incubus impregnates a human woman, the offspring is known as a cambion. Succubi cannot bear children.

Magical Characteristics

Although incubi and succubi are naturally very beautiful and seductive, they also have a magical ability to read secret sexual desires and fantasies, and frequently use this to play precisely to their prey's weaknesses. An incubus or succubus normally comes to their prey in a dream (incubi and succubi are among the few demons who can enter the world of dreams). The human usually believes that all they are having is a dream, but in reality the demon is having sex with them while they sleep, and leeching away some of their energy. It is worth noting that these experiences are usually enjoyable and non-fatal.

There are many ways to get into Hell - and far fewer ways to get OUT. While demons have an easier time of this than your average tortured soul, they still aren't technically supposed to be breaking free, which makes things… difficult. However, if they leave in a spiritual form rather than a corporeal one, it's easier to slip through the cracks - but this means that they don't necessarily have access to a body, which can be annoying. This spiritual form is, essentially, the demon's soul - or what used to be a soul anyway - and appears as a cloud of oily black smoke. Luckily (for them), all demons are capable of possessing human bodies… whether they're already occupied or not. Corpses don't have an opposing soul to deal with, but most demons prefer possessing living bodies (because living bodies aren't decomposed) - they effectively move into the body with its native soul, and overpower that soul, rendering the body's owner incapable of speaking, moving, or in any way controlling the body. While in this state, the demon can rifle through the body's thoughts and memories with some ease, making it very easy for them to impersonate the person whose body they're in, and therefore pass undetected. However, the native soul can resist this invasion. Once out of Hell, all demons can teleport from place to place (usually using crossroads) even between worlds - they cannot, however, use this method to get out of Hell, only to get to and from the corporeal side of the gates. Incubi and succubi are the demons least likely to possess anyone, as they can take a human form and feed without doing so.

Possession can be prevented by certain symbols (usually in tattoo form), and can be reversed via an exorcism. However, exorcisms can be dangerous - demons are often not careful with their 'meat suits'. The human body can be damaged beyond its ability to heal while the demon is inside without affecting the demon - they still waltz around in their puppet just fine (in effect, possession keeps the body in stasis - it can't heal, but it also can't die). Once the demon is forced out (or leaves) however, the body is back to being plain ol' human, and all those injuries hit it at once. Depending on the level of injury, if the shock alone doesn't kill the victim, the wounds often will.

There are large sigils called Devil's Traps, generally involving a pentagram inscribed within a circle along with other symbols. Drawn, painted, carved, or inlaid on the ground or ceiling, they are effective traps for most hellspawn. Once they cross into the circle, they can't leave it again - unless the sigil is damaged and a line is broken. Demons who notice the sigil before walking into one usually break it themselves, if they can (if it's inlaid iron, the best they can do is avoid it). Demon hunters typically put these up all over their homes.

An unbroken line of salt placed over a threshold prevents hellspawn from entering - alternately, they cannot cross into a circle made from it. Similarly, hellspawn (particularly hellhounds) cannot abide the plant known as Devil's Shoestring (a common name for members of the genus Viburnum, which comes from their long and flexible roots). The plants are used for protection, placed over windows and doorways to prevent hellspawn from entering. Holy symbols can also be used to repel most hellspawn - however, this is ONLY true if the wielder of the symbol has true faith in it, AND the hellspawn has no legitimate claim. In that case, the hellspawn cannot touch the wielder of the symbol, or directly do them harm (i.e. fling a bookcase at them). Hellspawn are unholy and cannot abide by holiness - however, if the wielder is corrupted, the symbol loses power. A Faustian contract also negates the effect - if you've sold your soul to the Devil, no divine power will protect you.

Society and Habitat

Incubi and succubi are fairly low-level demons. They don't tend to be especially ambitious, and they aren't involved in the soul trade. In punishment for their lust in life, they can never achieve true sexual satisfaction, and must eternally feed on the energy of others to sustain themselves, always seeking what they can never attain.