A human (pl. humans) is a mortal being, null to magic, and the dominant species of Earth.


Humans are… well, ordinary humans. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors (all of which you should be familiar with). As mortals, they tend to live for less than a century, and can be injured, killed, or sickened in many, many ways.

Magical Characteristics

Humans are not magic, and for the most part cannot even sense magic, only see the results.

Society and Habitat

All humans originated on Earth, and most still live there. Over the centuries some have been taken to other worlds (for instance the otherworld), and some of those have had offspring who have never seen Earth.

When humans die, they sometimes become ghosts. Although the actual experience varies depending on their life and belief system, those who are ready to move on are judged, then admitted to Heaven or condemned to Hell.