Hell is the section of the afterlife reserved for condemned souls. It is a part of the incorporeal realm, and is generally considered to be the source of all that is unholy.

Customs and Physics

Hell is the natural realm of demons, the realm of Lucifer, but it is also perdition for the souls of those who were wicked and sinful in life. Each layer of Hell is designed specifically to torture a different type of sinner.

Getting To And From

Even demons can't leave Hell easily - for condemned souls it is even more difficult. Getting in is decidedly easier, but even then there are measures in place to keep those who aren't supposed to be there out. Angels can come and go with impunity.


There are a few gates between Hell and Earth, but it is impossible to stumble upon them without questing for them. Physical forms cannot pass through these gates - astral projection is necessary to cross from Earth to Hell.


Heaven and Hell are separated by Purgatory.


There are no direct gates between Hell and the Otherworld - it is first necessary to travel through Purgatory.


The River Styx is the border between Hell and Purgatory. These gates are guarded by hellhounds (and worse), however, and only those permitted may cross through easily.

Native Species