Heavenkin, often generalized as angels (though this does not accurately describe all heavenkin), are the holy warriors of Heaven, and their offspring (by humans).


No angel can display their true form to a mortal without searing the mortal's eyes from their sockets. They may take a human form, with or without a visible set of wings - when their wings are visible they are capable of flight. They may also choose to be invisible and/or intangible (though other angels are still capable of seeing and/or feeling them).

Angels in their natural form have no gender, and even the human forms they adopt are usually fairly androgynous. They can imitate human genders, but in general they don't find it necessary. Angels never age or sicken, and usually can only be harmed by the swords of other angels - however a powerful enough demon can harm an angel with less power.

Magical Characteristics

Angels can sense emotions empathically. When communicating, angels usually use telepathy amongst each other. They can also speak to others in this fashion. Their true voices are harmful to mortals as well as the minions of Hell, but they can adopt a gentler human voice. All angels can teleport.

By wielding the divine love that they are intimately tapped into, angels can heal mortal sickness and injury. In the same way, angels can exorcise a demon from a human body with a single touch, as long as their power is greater than the demon's power.

All heavenkin can sense the presence of evil or unholiness.

Society and Habitat

Angels natively dwell in Heaven, and are organized into three Spheres of three Choirs each. They are a tightly organized army of God, ranked based on their proximity to the heart of Heaven and the divine throne, and each given different tasks.

Individual Species

By Choir and Sphere