Healing is magic that repairs injury and banishes illness. It is always white magic.

Specific Details

Healing magic uses the energy of the caster to heal the target. It takes effort, and can be exhausting if the caster isn't both cautious and judicious. Certain herbs and potions can help the process, but raw magic can be used as well. Although it can be used on the caster themselves, this is even more draining than normal, and not advisable.

Used By

Aes Sidhe

Some aes sĂ­dhe are capable healers, but this talent is rare and usually found only in certain families.


By wielding the divine love that they are intimately tapped into, angels can heal mortal sickness and injury.


Shamans are potent healers. They can ward off spirits of malice, sickness, and infection, and also boost the body's healing capability. Often this is achieved through ritual - for instance, accompanied by the burning of sage.


Sorcerers rarely choose to acquire this ability, unless they have long-lasting deals and good intentions.


A unicorn's horn is the most magical part of them. Either attached or unattached, it can render fouled or poisoned water safe to drink, and heal any sickness - though unattached it loses its potency gradually (sort of like a battery running out of charge).


Although healing is a rare natural talent, any witch can at least attempt to heal. It takes training to get it right, however.