A Gorgon (pl. Gorgons) is any of three ancient Greek sisters who were cursed by the goddess Athena after Poseidon raped the youngest of them - Medusa, the only mortal sister - in her temple. Although Medusa was slain in ancient times by the hero Perseus, her immortal sisters Stheno (the eldest and most vicious) and Euryale (known for her bellowing cries) still live.


All three Gorgons were once beautiful women, but Athena's curse has changed that. Their skin is made up of snake scales (which, like the scales of a dragon, are resistant to physical and magical attack), and they have retractable fangs in the style of many snakes (and forked black tongues). These fangs contain a potent venom, similar to that of the Eastern Sand Viper (Vipera ammodytes meridionalis). In addition to having snake skin and fangs, the Gorgons have slitted snake eyes. Their fingernails are sharp brass claws, and they also have golden wings, similar in style to a dragon's.

A Gorgon's blood can be either a miraculous curing draft or a deadly poison, depending on which side of her body it comes from. Blood from her right side heals - blood from her left side kills.

The two living Gorgons can have children (in theory), but are in general known for their hatred of men and the gods.

Magical Characteristics

Anyone who meets a Gorgon's eyes directly will be turned to stone. This petrification is generally considered fatal, but in theory could be magically reversed. Gorgons are under the effect of a curse. This cannot be lifted or reversed except by a god, though their appearance can be masked with certain spells, and their gaze can be hidden behind polarized sunglasses.

Society and Habitat

The remaining two Gorgons live in a sort of border region at the Greek entrance to the Underworld. Their only interaction is typically with each other.