A gancanagh is an especially rare type of fae. They are all male, and are known for their beautiful singing voices.


Gancanagh are approximately the same shape and height as human men - including rounded ears (pointed ears are a mark of impure blood somewhere in their family line). They are especially attractive, usually pale and with dark hair, although they do occasionally come in other human-like shades.

Like all fae, gancanagh are deathly allergic to iron. Iron reacts strongly with the magic that is an integral part of their anatomy, and causes a violent allergic reaction in the form of a burn. This starts out resembling a rapid and intense sunburn, but prolonged contact with iron can cause any fae's flesh to blacken and die. Gancanagh are capable of dwelling in cities, but are uncomfortable in cars, planes, elevators - basically any metal box.

Other than that, gancanagh are as immortal as any true fae - they will not die of natural causes. They reach physical maturity after a period of about six centuries, though socially they aren't considered mature until after their first millennium. From then on gancanagh essentially stop aging. Because they often outlive their partners, children are INCREDIBLY rare for them - but if they have a son, he too is a gancanagh. Daughters are aes sĂ­dhe, depending on the species of the mother.

Gancanagh are omnivores, but can also feed on love. They do have a typical fae fondness for sweets, however.

Magical Characteristics

All fae are capable of glamour - an elaborate illusion that will fool all five senses (at least for a mortal) - and gancanagh are no exception. Their illusions are limited to their own person, however - though they can make themselves appear invisible to human eyes, they cannot create a full-blown illusory house. By the same token, gancanagh are capable of seeing through most glamour. Their own glamour can be defeated in the usual ways: even if they can fool another fae's eyes, it is nearly impossible for them to fool another fae's sense of touch. Even mortals can see through glamour, if they have a special ointment rubbed on their eyelids, have pure iron touching their skin, or turn their clothes inside out.

Like all fae, gancanagh are incredibly attuned with nature - they can move through the woods without cracking a single twig or disturbing a single leaf. A gancanagh's skin secretes a highly addictive toxin. While other fae are generally at least partially immune, humans are especially susceptible to this toxin, which greatly induces feelings of love, and/or lust. The gancanagh can moderate this, but not completely dismiss it. Depending on the dosage given (and the susceptibility of the victim) this toxin will make them pine for the gancanagh after they leave. An antidote can be administered, but generally requires the involvement of the specific gancanagh who first dosed the victim. If left untreated, a high enough dose of the toxin can cause the victim to waste away and die.

No fae can tell an outright lie. They can bend the truth, and they can talk in circles around the truth, but if they actually SAY the sky is red, it had better be red, or they're considered an oathbreaker and their magic (if not their life) is forfeit. On that note, all fae can sense magic in their vicinity, usually by feeling or seeing it.

Society and Habitat

Gancanagh are solitary fairies, but are usually considered Seelie fae (though there are exceptions). They usually strike out on their own after reaching majority - two gancanagh living in the same area might deplete the local resources (in terms of available lovers). Because they are generally charming and possess beautiful singing voices, gancanagh can usually find positions as musicians, or work as traveling minstrels. Some are even prized spies for the Courts, because they are so good at enticing information out of their lovers.