Foresight is a magical gift that allows the gifted one to glimpse the future in some way, shape, or form. It is always considered white magic, and is difficult to control.

Specific Details

Foresight takes different forms for everyone with the gift. Those with the gift often receive dreams of the future, but they may also scry on their own, using a mirror or some pure form of the elements (i.e. a bowl of water or blood, a crystal ball, particles stirred by the air, or open flame). Divination objects, such as rune stones or tarot cards, are also popular tools. The trouble with foresight is that it is almost never clear cut - visions are usually symbolic, or if they show actual events they show only part of what MAY happen if things continue as they are. Some futures can be avoided, some must come to pass.

Used By

Mná Sídhe

All mná sídhe have foresight, and know when a person is about to die. They can often be seen washing the bloodstained clothes of those about to die in battle.


Shamans do not have exact visions of the future - what they receive is full of symbolism, and often open to multiple interpretations. Their foresight is translated by spirits, who don't have the same sense of time and space that mortals do, and so it is heavily tinged by images and emotions.


Virtues can see the future with relative clarity, or grant such visions to a saint.


Witches with foresight are rare, but not unheard of. In some witches this manifests itself only as gut instinct, a general bad feeling when something awful is about to happen. Other witches can study a tarot layout or the lines in your palm and tell you how many nose hairs your second-born child will have at age 47. It's a sliding scale, and just depends on the witch.