Faustian Bargain

A Faustian Bargain is the deal made with a demon (commonly called a deal with the Devil) - specifically, a deal involving the exchange of the bargainer's soul for some sort of reward.

Specific Details

A mortal soul is valuable currency - only mortals are believed to possess immortal souls. They are most valuable to denizens of Hell, who in general make it their life's work to get as many souls into Hell as possible - if not through a life of sin, then via these bargains. While the terms vary from bargain to bargain, the price is always the same - the mortal exchanges their soul for some favor. This is a frequent method for sorcerers to gain power, though technically a Faustian bargain can provide just about anything in exchange for the soul. Making a Faustian bargain is a bit like gambling in a major casino, however - the House always wins. Bargainers must be very careful with the wording of their deal, and most of them miss a loophole. A demon is bound to the terms of any official deal that they make, whether or not a soul is involved.

When the terms of the bargain have been fulfilled, the demon who made the contract will come to collect the soul by force, usually accompanied by hellhounds, who tend to do the actual dragging… and in the process mauling the bargainer to death.

Used By


Any demon is capable of making a deal, but crossroads demons are the professional bargainers.


Almost all sorcerers acquired their powers through a Faustian Bargain - which means their powers have an expiration date.