Fallen Angel

A fallen angel or simply fallen (pl. fallen angels or fallens) is any angel who has disobeyed God or committed one of the seven deadly sins. Whatever their misstep, they have been banished from Heaven.


Fallen angels lose the full divine majesty of their heavenly form, and their holy light. They may still take a human form, with or without a visible set of wings - when their wings are visible they are capable of flight. Those who side with Lucifer can expect their wings to turn utterly black, while those who remain benevolent might perhaps (depending on the gravity of their sin) gain a gray tint to their feathers. They may no longer choose to be invisible and/or intangible (though they can still see/feel other angels).

After falling, angels gain a gender, and lose some of the androgyny of their angelic form. Fallen angels never age or sicken, but they do not have the power of Heaven to protect them. Lucifer's angels have the power of Hell to protect them, but the benevolent fallens do not have that reserve. While they are in general immortal, they can be hurt and even killed by more than just angelic weapons.

Magical Characteristics

Fallen angels can sense emotions empathically, but only vaguely, as if they're sensing things through a thick veil. When communicating, angels usually use telepathy amongst each other - fallen angels can still do this, but other angels can shut them out of their conversations if they wish, and fallens cannot speak to others in this fashion. While a fallen's voice has more strength Their true voices are harmful to mortals as well as the minions of Hell, but they can adopt a gentler human voice. All angels can teleport - fallens, however, are barred from Heaven.

Because they are cut off from God's love, fallens can no longer heal sickness and injury, nor can they exorcise demons. They can, however, sense the presence of evil or unholiness, like all heavenkin.

Society and Habitat

Fallen angels divide themselves into two categories. Those who serve Lucifer are among the ranks of Hell, generally disliked by genuine demons, but often granted administrative privileges. Some angels, however, fell for separate, lesser sins, and many of them remain benevolent, or at least neutral, toward mankind. These fallens live on Earth, alone and generally unaffiliated with any sort of organization.