Fairy Ointment

Fairy ointment is any of a series of compounds that are used to grant 'The Sight' to those who could not ordinarily see through glamour.

Specific Details

Although fae can see through most glamour on their own, mortals are usually incapable of piercing such illusion. However, it is possible for a mortal to be given the ability to see through glamour by rubbing a fairy ointment on their eyelids. Typically, fae guard recipes for these ointments with their very lives, though occasionally a mortal can gain access to a formula that works. Among the ingredients sometimes used are four-leaf clovers, bluebells, thyme, and other herbs. Fae ingredients, such as pixie dust or fae tears, are also frequently used.

Used By


Though this ointment may be bestowed as a gift by certain fae, most do not take kindly to being spotted. The famous question "What eye do you see me with?" is usually followed by a putting out of the offending eye or eyes. Use this ointment at your own risk.


Typically humans are the ones using the ointment, though technically any non-fae who can't see through glamour might have need of it.