Fae, colloquially known as fairies, are immortal beings with close ties to magic and the natural world. They are the dominant races of the Otherworld, and in fact the Otherworld is sometimes known as the Fairy Realm. Many fae either dwell on Earth or spend a great deal of time on Earth.


All fae are deathly allergic to iron. Iron reacts strongly with the magic that is an integral part of their anatomy, and causes a violent allergic reaction in the form of a burn. This starts out resembling a rapid and intense sunburn, but prolonged contact with iron can cause any fae's flesh to blacken and die.

True fae are immortal - they will not die of natural causes, and they age very slowly after reaching adulthood. Most fae have a considerable sweet tooth, and are also fond of milk. Pointed ears, while common among many fae species, are not a universal trait, and in fact at the Courts having pointed ears is considered a sign of 'lesser' fae.

Magical Characteristics

All fae are capable of glamour - an elaborate illusion that will fool all five senses (at least for a mortal) - to varying degrees by species. By the same token, all fae are capable of seeing through most glamour. Their own glamour can be defeated in the usual ways: even if they can fool another fae's eyes, it is nearly impossible for them to fool another fae's sense of touch. Even mortals can see through glamour, if they have a special ointment rubbed on their eyelids, have pure iron touching their skin, or turn their clothes inside out.

In addition, all fae are incredibly attuned with nature - they can move through the woods without cracking a single twig or disturbing a single leaf. No fae can tell an outright lie. They can bend the truth, and they can talk in circles around the truth, but if they actually SAY the sky is red, it had better be red, or they're considered an oathbreaker and their magic (if not their life) is forfeit. On that note, all fae can sense magic in their vicinity, usually by feeling or seeing it.

Society and Habitat

Although many fae live on their own, and the various species are scattered throughout both Earth and the Otherworld, they do all (in theory) fall into two distinct realms: that of the Seelie Court and that of the Unseelie Court. Seelie fae consist of those who are generally not considered malicious toward humans - though they can be just as cold and calculating as their Unseelie cousins. The Seelie Court values appearances, and is associated with light.

Unseelie fae, on the other hand, consist of the more overtly malicious fae - in particular, those fey who habitually kill and/or eat humans (or other fae). The Unseelie Court is the home of many blood-related magics, and is associated with darkness.

Individual Species