Exorcism is the magic or ritual used expel a foreign soul from a body which it is invading.

Specific Details

Exorcism is one of the few magical workings that requires no actual power on the part of the caster - priests and demon hunters with no magical ability can recite a Latin invocation and banish any evil soul from a body that is not its own, though as this ritual calls upon the power of God and angels, it is most effective against demons. The difficult part is keeping the demon trapped while performing the ritual, as demons in general prefer not to be exorcised, and can teleport if they aren't trapped. Spirits often require less power to exorcise, depending on their strength, but Latin exorcisms may not work on them, as most Latin exorcisms are designed to work on demons.

Demonic exorcisms can be dangerous - demons are often not careful with their 'meat suits'. The human body can be damaged beyond its ability to heal while the demon is inside without affecting the demon - they still waltz around in their puppet just fine (in effect, possession keeps the body in stasis - it can't heal, but it also can't die). Once the demon is forced out (or leaves) however, the body is back to being plain ol' human, and all those injuries hit it at once. Depending on the level of injury, if the shock alone doesn't kill the victim, the wounds often will.

Used By


Aside from fallen angels, all angels are capable of wielding the divine love that they are intimately tapped into and exorcising demons. This requires no speech - they merely touch the possessed person and after a blinding flash of light the demon is expelled… if the angel is more powerful than the demon. They can also expel foreign souls that are not demons, but there is no blinding flash of light in that case.


Priests and demon hunters can use their faith - and corresponding rituals - to expel demons or other foreign spirits. Catholic exorcisms generally only work on demons or the ghosts of humans, but there are rituals in existence to expel any spirit, it just requires research to find them.