An electrokinetic (pl. electrokinetics) is a type of psychic capable of controlling and manipulating electricity.


Electrokinetics have no physical characteristics to distinguish themselves from an ordinary human - in other words, they have the perfect camouflage. Because they deal closely with electricity, some of them have dry and staticy hair, but these are just maybes - psychics are as varied as regular humans, and follow no particular pattern.

Like all humans, electrokinetics can have allergies or grow ill. They live a normal human lifespan, assuming dealing with their powers doesn't have an adverse affect on their mental health.

Magical Characteristics

Strictly speaking, electrokinetics are not 'magical'. Their abilities are a phenomenon of physics, and therefore cannot be sensed in the same way that magic can, or prevented in the same way. Electrokinetics control their abilities (to the extent that they are able) with their minds. Keeping an electrokinetic drugged or unconscious thus effectively incapacitates them.

An electrokinetic controls electricity, and can manipulate it beyond natural occurrence, if they have developed enough control. Forcing an element beyond natural barriers, however, is incredibly draining on the psychic, as they are effectively using their own life force to sustain it. Usually a psychic starts out with absolutely no control, developing their powers somewhere between childhood and puberty. If they acknowledge the power and practice with it, they can grow stronger and have more control - if they are in denial their development is considerably hindered, and 'accidents' may occur. Without control, an electrokinetic's powers may flare up during periods of strong emotion - shocking those who offend them, for instance. With enough control, an electrokinetic can actually cause lightning to strike around them.

Electrokinetics are innately immune to being electrocuted - electricity does not harm them, unless for some reason they choose to let it do so.

Society and Habitat

Electrokinetics live in normal human society, though they do tend toward the outskirts. Often, electrokinetics are isolated occurrences - their traits are not inherited, simply… the occasional genetic fluke. They are few and far between, and therefore many spend their lives feeling a bit like freaks, and not discussing their abilities with anyone else. If they accept their abilities, they might find jobs where control of electricity is an asset, such as working as an electrician. Electrokinetics loathe rubber - it's an insulator, and stifles their natural connection to their element.