Earth is what most humans mean when they say 'the world'. It is a part of the corporeal realm, and is generally considered the hub of worlds, as most travelers between the worlds travel to and from Earth.

Customs and Physics

The main culture on Earth is human. There are close to 7 billion of them, and they vastly outnumber any other group. Any other species that lives on Earth either dwells in the wilderness or integrates somehow with human society, either in plain sight or lurking at the fringe.

Earth isn't going to trick you - it's very straight forward. Without magical assistance, things are the same size on the inside as they are on the outside.

Getting To And From

Nothing prevents anything from crossing to Earth. Both corporeal and incorporeal forms can exist there quite happily.


There are no direct gates between Heaven and Earth - it is first necessary to travel through Purgatory.


There are a few gates between Hell and Earth, but it is impossible to stumble upon them without questing for them. Physical forms cannot pass through these gates - astral projection is necessary to cross from Earth to Hell.


There are more gates between Earth and the Otherworld than you can shake a stick at. Fairy rings are the most common, but some waterways also cross over.


The Spirit World completely overlays Earth, as if it is a second layer. Astral projection is the only method of crossing from Earth to Purgatory.

Native Species