A dragon (pl. dragons) is a giant reptilian being of the Otherworld. They were once frequent sightings on Earth, but now are few and far between. Many were slain by valiant knights - others have 'retired' to Otherworld retreats.


Dragons vary somewhat in looks, but in general look like giant lizards on seriously bad-ass steroids - serpentine neck, forked tongue, four legs, long tail, and a pair of bat-shaped wings. Generally they're the size of a decent house, at least, with some variation. The color of their eyes and scales varies with the individual. In order to exist in the mortal realm without attracting any would-be knights, dragons can take a completely human form. This form is usually very fit, with a natural charisma that can switch between attractive and intimidating easily.

A dragon's scales render them immune to most things - they're fireproof, waterproof, and let electricity bounce into the nearest ground. This protection extends to human form, though of course there are weak spots in the scales, and the right sword can cleave straight through. Your average sword won't do much against a dragon, but certain heroic weapons (think the Vorpal Sword, or the sword of a famous hero) can slice through scales like a hot knife through butter.

Dragons can breathe fire. They find this much more natural in their true forms, but their human forms are capable of this as well. Occasionally, you can recognize a dragon by the smoke trickling out of their otherwise normal human nostrils.

Although dragons aren't technically immortal outside of the Otherworld, they can go for a couple of millennia before age starts catching up with them, and they don't get sick. Dragons age slowly as children, and even more slowly once they reach physical majority at around 500 years of age.

Magical Characteristics

Dragon scales, in addition to providing physical protection, dampen the effects of any spell. Really old and powerful dragons are sometimes half-decent spell casters, but most don't bother.

Being creatures formed entirely from magic, dragons are capable of sensing magic when it is used in their vicinity. They are also quite adept at reading auras.

Society and Habitat

For the most part, dragons are solitary creatures. They aren't interested in being a team player, unless it benefits them - dragons in general care about dragons. Mated pairs of dragons, while rare, will typically live together, but their children typically go out on their own as soon as they are fully mature.

Dragons are notorious hoarders, though not all of them hoard wealth - some hoard knowledge, or land, or art, or some such thing. Dragons are also famously fascinated by beauty - not always just for eating. These days you're more likely to find a dragon deflowering a supermodel (or two, or three) than roasting a knight.