A coven (pl. covens) is a group of magicians, particularly witches, though any magician is usually welcome.


Covens act a bit like a clan - they are specific to a certain town or region, and are usually headed by one particular individual or pair with considerable power, knowledge, and charisma. Although decisions are often made democratically, the coven leader - often called a High Priest(ess) or Magister - has a deciding vote, and can make unilateral decisions about coven policy. Leaders are elected for life, but many step down into retirement. If a coven as a whole is unhappy with their leader, they may ask them to step down in favor of a more acceptable candidate, but this is rare.

Ranks and Terminology

  • High Priest - a title sometimes used for the male leader of a coven.
  • High Priestess - a title sometimes used for the female leader of a coven.
  • Magister - a title sometimes used for the leader of a coven. It is generally used for a male, but some covens use the term neutrally.
  • Coven Member - a magician who is officially a member of the coven.

Known Covens

Coven of Budapest

A relatively small coven.

Coven of London

One of the oldest covens in the world, rumored to be led by Morgan le Fey.

Coven of Rome

A highly secretive coven, rumored to have members inside the Vatican.

Grand Coven

The official coven of New Orleans, widely recognized as the largest and most powerful coven in the world. Covens around the world look to the Grand Coven for guidance.