A cambion (pl. cambions) is the offspring of an incubus and a human woman.


Cambions do not have breath or pulse until they are seven years old - they are essentially still-born, but animate. After that point, they are indistinguishable from a human in shape, though with an almost divine beauty and a deadly cunning. Like their demonic parents, they are stronger than any human, and have glowing red eyes when they are relying on their demonic side.

Although they are mortal, cambions will not sicken, and tend to live longer lives than normal humans. Aside from this, though, they are essentially humans, with all the weaknesses that entails. In addition, they share the weaknesses of their demonic parents - iron and holy water will burn them, however their human blood does grant them more resistance to these than a pure demon, at least when they aren't using their demonic abilities.

Magical Characteristics

Cambions are extraordinarily persuasive - supernaturally so, in fact. They are very aggressive, and can exert a supernatural influence to manipulate others into giving them what they want (this is especially effective as a seduction technique used against the opposite sex). They feed off of human energy during sex, and sexual energy in general - and can drain a person to the point of death. If they grow strong enough, or give in to their demon side enough, they are capable of teleporting, though it is not as clean and immediate as a full demon (they dissolve into black shadows).

There are large sigils called Devil's Traps, generally involving a pentagram inscribed within a circle along with other symbols. Drawn, painted, carved, or inlaid on the ground or ceiling, they are effective traps for most hellspawn. Once they cross into the circle, they can't leave it again - unless the sigil is damaged and a line is broken. Because cambions are half human, they can leave the trap, but it slows them down considerably. The more demony they are behaving, the more resistance they feel. Demon hunters typically put these up all over their homes.

An unbroken line of salt placed over a threshold prevents hellspawn from entering - alternately, they cannot cross into a circle made from it. Similarly, hellspawn (particularly hellhounds) cannot abide the plant known as Devil's Shoestring (a common name for members of the genus Viburnum, which comes from their long and flexible roots). The plants are used for protection, placed over windows and doorways to prevent hellspawn from entering. Holy symbols can also be used to repel most hellspawn - however, this is ONLY true if the wielder of the symbol has true faith in it, AND the hellspawn has no legitimate claim. In that case, the hellspawn cannot touch the wielder of the symbol, or directly do them harm (i.e. fling a bookcase at them). Hellspawn are unholy and cannot abide by holiness - however, if the wielder is corrupted, the symbol loses power. A Faustian contract also negates the effect - if you've sold your soul to the Devil, no divine power will protect you. Holy symbols are iffy with cambions, and in general work in the same way as devil's traps - the symbol will slow them down more if they are relying on their demon side.

Society and Habitat

Because cambions are usually raised by their human parent, they live in human society on Earth. Their persuasive gifts sometimes make them good politicians or lawyers, though not all of them have the patience for it. Often, their demonic sides get the best of them, which leads them to lead rather rampantly malicious lives - some even end up working with demons. Of course this is not always the case - some cambions overcome their base instincts.

Due to their mixed parentage, cambions are often fascinating to other preternaturals. This can lead to unwanted attention, of either a positive or negative side.